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Dance management

I work as an Independent Dance Manager representing a number of emerging and more established dance artists. Recent clients have included Scarabeus Aerial Theatre, Kate Flatt Projects, Rachel Burn, Tara Pilbrow, Fly No Filter, Mari Frogner (Nutshell Dance) and Anna Buonomo (Bricolage Dance Movement).

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Images: Camilla Greenwell, Judita Kuniskyte, Mitzi de Margaray, Tara Pilbrow, Nutshell Dance

My work includes:

  • Identifying and applying for funding from various sources including Arts Council England, grant-making trusts and artist development funds;

  • Marketing, copywriting, press and media liaison;

  • Working with venues to book shows and develop opportunities for performance;

  • Researching and applying for artist development opportunities;

  • Lighting design and technical management as required. For more information on my technical and production work, please see this page.

I am a member of the Independent Dance Management Network (IDMN) and People Dancing.


Please contact me on lise@lisedance.co.uk with project management, tour management, fundraising and technical enquiries.



Please email me at: lise@lisedance.co.uk