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  Moulins 2Harder Better
ClaremontMoulins 1
Images: Lise Smith

Barnet Schools Dance Festival 2009
ArtsDepot, Finchley, 9-13 March 2009


Dancers: St Josephs Junior Y5, Claremont Primary Y3, St Marys CE High Y10-13


Choreography for the 19th annual Barnet Schools Dance Festival inspired by greetings and contact work, sports and games, and upbeat contemporary technique.


Moulins et Salutations
Performed at Sader's Wells Lilian Bayliss Theatre, Feb 4 2009
and ArtsDepot, Finchley, Mar 9 2009

Image: Lise Smith


Music:Yann Tiersen, "La Noyee"

Dancers: Y5 Dancers from St Joseph's Primary School, Hendon


Choreography created for the launch of the London Grid for Learning/Ballet Boyz schools contemporary dance project, usinng motifs inspired by Charles Linehan's "Jjanke".

Folk dances, contact work and travelling phrases combine in this lively and playful piece for boys and girls, showcasing the use of the new LGfL resources.

Image: Greenwich Dance

Greenwich Dance 2007-2010


Choreography for Greenwich Dance Agency's annual youth dance showcases 2007 - 2010. Themes inncluded underwater exploration, a tea party, the physical elements, orchestral music, butterflies, a sari shop, and things we find in the jungle.

Created for groups of children aged 5-7, 8-9 and 10-12 attending Greenwich Dance's regular Saturday morning classes.


Barnet Schools Dance Festival 2008
ArtsDepot, Finchley, 2-7 March 2008

IImages: Lise Smith
  Dancers: St James' Catholic High Y11, Moss Hall Y1 and 2, Claremont Primary Y4, St Mary's CofE High Y11 and 12

Fresh, accessible choreography for four of the schools participating in the 18th annual Barnet Schools Dance Festival. Movement themes included serpentine movement, underwater actions, a rainy day, contact work and playful body shaking!

Image: Lise Smiith

The Show
Performed at ArtsDepot, Finchley, 16 March and 24 April 2007




Girls Aloud, "The Show"

Y10 and Y11 dancers from St Mary's CofE High, Barnet


The theme of “The Show” is a celebration of physicality and display. Dancers pose and strut across the stage and wind around one another, competing for attention.

The piece was created using Bob Fosse-style body shapes as an inspiration. The performers then created their own sections using contact work and intertwining shapes.