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I Am Not In Love

Performed at The Place, London, February 2016 as part of Resolution!



Jodie Cole


A piece about love, finding love, finding lasting love. Through text, movement and a journey on her bike, Jodie tells a story of unforeseen love.

What makes the work surprisingly effective is her appealing personality and the way she finds simple movements that precisely evoke complicated emotion... the upside down cycling of her legs conjures sadness as well as escape. It made me want to see more. - Sarah Crompton

Image: Chantal Guevara

Lighting design



Holi Woman

Performed at The Place, London, January 2015 as part of Resolution! 2015


Artist: Jodie Cole (Jyoti Dance)


The Holi Woman dwells between Eastern and Western notions of ritual and beauty. Choreographer Jodie Cole explores the ethereal thread that links the two. India, a country of ritual, colour, chaos and contradictions.

...an honest tale of one woman’s experience, subtle enough to challenge without condemnation. - Francesca Mcloughlin

Image: Lloyd Ellis

Lighting design

Holi Woman


Performed at The Place, London, January 2015 as part of Resolution!, and Rich Mix, London, April 2015



Rachel Burn


Life can sometimes seem to have a life of its own. Witness worlds shifting direction, falling apart and thriving with four dancers, twenty real people’s stories - and dozens of balloons. Happening celebrates the quiet yet significant moments of self-reflection that affect each of our lives, and keep us growing, changing and individual.

Image: Camilla Greenwell

Lighting design



The Riot

Performed at The Place, London, January 2014 as part of Resolution!, and at Rich Mix, London, September 2014


Artist: Oli Fitzgerald (Nomadic Souls)


Stealing from the poor is called business. Stealing from the rich is called....'

The Riot takes inspiration from the key events leading up to the 2011 London riots, in particular the escalating tensions between young people in North London and the Metropolitan Police in the months leading up to the shooting of Mark Duggan, and the immediate aftermath of his death.

Image: Foteini Christofilopoulou

Lighting design

The Riot

The Aurochs Were

Performed at The Place ReFresh, February 2013



JNR SINstars and eOTo


An atmospheric piece inspired by the film Beasts Of The Southern Wild, and set to music chosen by Phoenix Dance Theatre's artistic director Sharon Watson.

Five of the UK's leading youth dance companies were selected from open applications to create and perform new pieces to music chosen by leading professional dance artists for this programme of dynamic dance.

Lighting design (in collaboration with technical team)


They Made Me Do It

Performed at Platform One, Watford, June 2011 and touring



JNR SINstars

They Made Me Do It

A mysterious jet engine, a cinema screening interrupted by an alien force, parallel universes and the end of the world - growing up is never easy. A new collaboration between SIN Cru and Classworks Theatre, “They Made Me Do It” is a piece based on the surreal thriller Donnie Darko.

Image: Duncan Grisby

Lighting design and sound editing



Performed at East London Dance Dance + Circus, May 2011



SIN Cru Dance Theatre


Migration (m-grshn): a movement from one position to another. What causes us to move from one place in life to another? Inspired by Hugh Hughes' dark-humoured nostalgia, Migrations follows its performers on a journey through careers, love and the impending future, examining the pathways they have taken so far and where the journey may lead next.

Image: East London Dance

Lighting, props and video editing



Performed at The Place Robin Howard Theatre, London, as part of Resolution! 2011 and touring



Sooraj Subramaniam


"Nocturne is a skit on the netherworld of sleep, through insomnia, dramatic dreams and ‘falling’ awake (you know that feeling?). He flips easily between comic and dramatic modes, whether thudding feet to the floor as if stamping out demons or scratching his bum in his sleep. Special mention for possibly the most beautifully mimed hand-washing ever seen on stage. A promising start for Subramaniam, another voice to add to the interesting evolution of South Asian dance in contemporary Britain." - Lyndsey Winship

Image: Zoe Troughton

Lighting design and sound editing


Please please please

Performed at Cloud Dance Festival, Cochrane Theatre, Holborn, July 18 2010


"Haunting female sound bites, like the voices in your head accompany the three arresting female dancers... the mesmerizing motion of the ensemble keeps the audience captivated." - Jenny Teale

"The company explode the stage with flashes of bold energy as they continuously shift and pursue each other in the space." - Michelle Harris

Image: Darien Graham-Smith

Lighting and sound design


Butterfly Stitch

Performed at The Place Robin Howard Theatre, London, as part of Resolution! 2010 and touring



SIN Cru Theatre


"Pow! Bang! Wallop! SIN Cru (with woolly hats that say so) blast their way through the beauty debate in their high-octane Butterfly Stitch. I would certainly have a stitch if I attempted to do what these four talented dancers get up to. A school-uniformed duo shoves and grabs at each other like children, the boy brutally forcing the girl to look at him. An identical couple appear and join in the pounding. Their unique fusion of break-dance with Wim Vandekeybus-style attacks on the body is exhilarating." - Terry O'Donovan

Image: Mitzi De Margary

Lighting design


Memories from the Future

Performed at Stratford Circus as part of Blueprint 2011 and touring



Jaelle Crowe (JNR SINStars)


A piece inspired by the movie Donnie Darko and selected for the 2011 Blueprint young choreographers' platform at East London Dance.

Lighting design